Sunday, 17 April 2016


HOLI ,the festival of colours is celebrated in different corners of india with pomp and gaiety of full moon day in the month of PHALGUN which is the month of MARCH as per the gregorian calendar.                                                                            WE all are also aware of the Legend of demon king "HIRANYAKASHYAP and his son PRAHALAD and his sister HOLIKA.
   I don't want to repeat that story.                                                     HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT THAT THERE COULD  BE ANY SCIENTIFIC REASON BEHIND CELEBRATING HOLI !                                                                                                             The actual scientific reason behind celebrating HOLI is :              HOLI is played in the spring season which is a period between winter and the advent of summer.
  WE normally go through the transition phase of winter and summer.                                                                                                       THE period induces the growth of bacteria in the atmosphere as well in the body.                                                                                    When holika is burnt, temperature of the near by area raises around 50-60 degree Celcius.          
  Following the tradition when people perform parmika(people go around bonfire) the heat coming from the bonfire kills the bacteria in the body and cleanes it.  
  In some parts of the country, after HOLIKA dahan (burning of holika) people put ash on their forehead and also mix chandan ( paste of holika ) with young leaves of flowers of the mango tree and consume it.  
This is the time when people get the feeling of tardiness. This is quite natural for the body to experiences some tardiness because of change in weather from cold to hot in the body in the atmosphere.                                                                                          To counter thiss laziness, people 
sing songs with dhol and other traditional instruments.                            This helps in rejuvenating the human body. The physical movement while playing with colours also helps in this process.                                                                                                                                                                        IT IS BELIEVED THAT TO PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH.                                                           As of times changed, technology developed synthetic colours replaced natural colours and the main theme behind celebrating HOLI HAS BEEN CHANGED !                                                                                           -  SAIKIRAN JALAGAM


We use the word 'hello' in our daily life to communicate through telephone. but we don't think about the word 'hello'-which we use as greeting word for communicating .                                               There was a famous hoax on internet.  'HELLO' IS GIRL FRIEND OF Alexander Graham Bell.                                                                          Actually it's not TRUE. Mabel Hubbard was Alexander bell's girl friend who later marries her. 

  Alexander graham bell is commonly credited as  the inventor of first practical telephone.                                     Bell's March 10 1876 labaratory notebook entry described his first successful experiment with the telephone. The Telephone was also patented in 1876.
The first call he made was to his assistant who was in the adjoining room and he said come here,i want to see you. 
  The use of hello as telephone greeting has been credited to   'THOMAS ALVA EDISON'    ,according to one source,he expressed his surprise with a misheard 'hullo'.
                                                                                                               The word hello actually come from hola which means "STOP AND PAY ATTENTION ".
  ALEXANDER Bell preferred to use AHOY as in the ships those days which co-incidentally was misheard by edison.
In 1877 Edison wrote a letter to T.B.A David, the president of central district and printing company of pittsburgh.                                      In his letter, Edison addresed that he suggested them to use 'HELLO' as a greeting word.                                                            As of times people are using the word, hello as greeting word for communicating through telephone.                                                                                                                                                                                                              -SAIKIRAN JALAGAM